Vow Renewals..

Many couples may believe that marriage is the final step in a relationship however, as many
long term married couples know, marriage is just the beginning of the work.
The perseverance and dedication it takes, to continue to chose each other, to show up for one
another and to stand by side one another, no matter what may come your way, day after day
and year after year.

On your wedding day, you may have vowed to take care of one another when times are easy
and when they were hard, and over the years those promises you made became more than just
words, throughout your marriage you have no doubt shared many magical days and life
changing moments, but joy cannot live without sorrow and so there will likely have been
many obstacles and some heartache that you have endured together too.

A vow renewal ceremony is an opportunity to reaffirm the vows you exchanged and also a
time to look ahead for all that’s still to come. Perhaps you have a milestone anniversary to
celebrate, or you are making the most of being away in the idyllic tropical location of sunny
Port Douglas or Palm Cove, a vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate your