Lean in close, I am going to tell you a secret...…. elopements are my favourite!
I know, please don’t tell weddings I said this but, I just find elopements so romantic, the couple just so focussed on each other, with the backdrop of an idyllic hidden gem in Port Douglas or Palm Cove it is just sooooo special.

And so, if the thought of a big ol’ wedding makes you;

a) break out in a nervous sweat.
b) makes your tummy churn with nerves.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of people just like you, who for many different reasons, want their wedding day to be just a small private moment.

The script that I prepare for you is still personalised and you can decide if you would like to write your own vows or select from the many samples that I have available.

You can bring along two of your favorite people to act as witnesses, or your photographer can act as one witness and ask me how we can secure another.

Being a Port Douglas local, I have some postcard worthy elopement ceremony spots that I will share with you.