Legals Only...

All you need is you, the one you love and two witnesses, 124 little legally required words and some
paperwork (but I will do all that for you).

Forget the courthouse backdrop for your “I do’s”, I have some gorgeous spots I can recommend
dotted around Port Douglas, Ellis Beach and Palm Cove that will make the perfect setting as we
conduct your legals only wedding ceremony.

What’s the difference between an elopement and a legals only wedding I hear you ask well, a legals
only ceremony is just that, only the required legal wording, and signing of papers.

There is no need for personalised elements to the ceremony, it’s just us doing what is legally
required to get you hitched, but outside against the backdrop of Port Douglas tropical paradise not
some stuffy Government office.
What about if I don’t have any witnesses? Ask me how we can do this!